I am amazed at how my confidence is growing and I am loving every bit of it.
This is the thing; I used to battle with low self esteem (LSE), yeah. As I thought, everything every other person had was better than mine. Every other girl was prettier, every other person in school talked and walked more beautifully. Every other music folk sang better. Every course mates dressed and lived better.
Loooool… These were mere thoughts, and I let them hold me.
I wrote a lot of short cut phrases but never had the courage to put them out for anybody to see or proofread. I felt they were practically senseless. I lost a lot of them with papers and journals which I jotted them, some were forgotten, just few were developed to blog posts.
But then I met people who thought I could do it. People who thought I was just fine, people who thought I am a “fine girl”, people who thought I write pretty well, people who thought my singing was peculiar. But guess what? My mind didn’t upgrade! I didn’t believe them, so I remained practically down, being victimized by my own thoughts.
But then I started seeing the little I had as what every other person do not have. I started thinking differently, so I started seeing myself differently. My mind switched, I decided to start living according to my own rules.
I now have the courage to make videos (not just cut phrases anymore) for people I have met, people I have not even met, most likely never will. I have the courage to air my opinions. I have the courage to walk up to someone and make a friend.
The way the world (friends, family, enemies, strangers) sees you really does not matter, and will never matter, if you do not switch your mindset and see yourself as the most important thing and being that happened to your generation.
#AppleOfHisEyes #iBelieve #iAmProudToBeAllTheseAndMore #OfficiallyFearless

– Bukola

image – tes.com


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