Looking into our Nation and I just had to come up with this.
Just this week,  I was on the streets of Ketu, Lagos City, with my friend, Jemima, to get ‘bread and akara’ on our normal junk routine, and an individual walked up to us asking for alms. I was out of cash at the moment, so I had to ask my friend if she had some change to let go of. Then I got the response, ‘This is why I am faithful to my tithes and offering, so it’s the duty of the church to take proper care of these people!’
Yes! That sentence got me thinking.homeless_people_735_350-735x350
Okay let’s think about it together, don’t you think the richest entity that exists is the church? By this statement I mean, after thinking of money to bless people with, the church has much more other things to offer than other institutions. The church is supposed to be a comfort zone, a place to show these people the way, a place to give them hope. Yes, it is solely the duty of the church. Sadly, most churches just focus on building gigantic buildings and a whole lot of these stuffs, but guess what, they are just material things that has a vanity tag. The best you could do is to invest in people.
This goes to individuals too. Sometimes I wonder why some people spend a lot buying expensive material things they probably do not need, with full knowledge of hungry children on the streets roaming about almost naked and dirty, People striving everyday to make business worth it and to make ends meet, people begging for alms just to feed themselves, others hawking to send their children to school.
The smallest act of kindness you show can change someone’s life. Money only brings happiness if you help people with it. Finance someone’s business and help a project, support someone’s vision, believe in someone’s talent, help a poor widow by sending her children to school, a smile to someone could mean a lot of hope, encourage somebody. Let someone look up to you and say, ‘YOU MADE ME. BECAUSE OF YOU, I DIDN’T GIVE UP!!!
When my Father blesses you financially,
don’t just raise your STANDARD OF LIVING, also raise your STANDARD OF GIVING.

This reminds me of A message by Pastor PeteRock Sadiq, Resident Pastor, House on the Rock, Minna.
The question is, Can God trust you? With the resources He apportioned to you.
Love someone genuinely and you’ll feel blessed doing so, because you have just helped a nation.


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