Late last year when it dawned on me that I was turning 25 soon, I started panicking. I kept on focusing on the big dreams I had that I was so far from achieving. Worrying is alien to my nature, but for some reasons, I was really bothered.

I always thought 24 was the ideal age for everything, especially marriage. To me, 24 was that age I thought everyone would have life figured out. I was scared of turning 24, same way I was scared of taking JAMB exams and praying to God since my primary school days for rapture to take place before I got to SS3, just so I wouldn’t have to take JAMB exams.


I turned 25 yesterday and I didn’t wake up today feeling any different. At heart, I’m still 21. For the past two years, I always get a special gift from God on the 22nd of February. This year, I don’t know what it will be, but I am so expectant (Prov 23:18).

I’m 25 and content. I do not have all I want, I’m still far away from my life goals, but the difference is now; I trust the process. I’m enjoying the process and living the very best of whatever stage of life I find myself. I’m still motivated, but I’ve come to properly understand and believe that it’s either God’s way or no way.

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I’m 25, doing-a-job-I-totally-hate, imperfect, always-rededicating-my-life-to-Christ, steady-on-a-journey-of-self-discovery, flawed and happy.




  1. Yo, I’ve prayed for my school to burn down just cause I didn’t want to resume boarding school but praying for rapture to avoid Jamb that is just on a different level…lol. Happy birthday in arrears. You will be alright las las. BTW you only need to give your life to Christ once cause he doesn’t give it back just cause you lost your way.

  2. Happy birthday! Funny enough, I have always looked at 25 as the ideal age.

    I panicked before my 30th birthday….then woke up on my birthday and I felt ‘normal’. I came to realise that I was putting unnecessary pressure on myself and not much really changes when you become a year older.

    Here’s to enjoying the process. We can accomplish all we want irrespective of age.

  3. Is it too late to day happy birthday? lol..
    I really like your honesty… and ‘trust your process’ spoke to me.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Mims

      It’s never too late, thanks b. You’re welcome dear.

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