So I decided to embark on this November blog challenge for reasons I can’t lay a finger on.
I wasn’t in the mood to start generating random facts while doing this so I checked google for questions template and found this from here    <


  1. Jemima Oluwagbemisola Benson-Aruna
  2. I don’t dig this zodiac nonsense.
  3. I like to think it is Grace, but Tobi swears it’s him. Bloody famzer.
  4. Moody. Been in this foul state all day long.
  5. In a relationship with Him
  6. Love actually. I always find British movies boring, but there’s something about this movie that makes me all moist and mushy every time I see it.
  7. 5 feet 8 inches.
  8. Homecoming – Kanye West, Melt my heart to stone – Adele, Arms – Christina Perri, Deeper – Marvin Sapp, You are God alone – Phillip, Craig and Dean
  9. I love food, arts and books.
  10. Lateness, dishonesty and crawling animals.
  11. Him, food and new books.
  12. Used to be beans and plantain but now I’m not so sure, I’m open to experimenting and taking my taste buds on thrills.
  13. Ashton Kutcher, Joseph Benjamin, Chris Attoh
  14. No tattoos. 9 piercings, only 5 are active now.
  15. Hmm
  16. Offensive odour, treating people in a condescending manner.
  17. Scary movies pleaasssseeee
  18. Computer
  19. None
  20. October 21. I cried because the sales girl at the cinema gave me too much popcorn and made me spend more than my budget and another misplaced my ice cream. When I started crying He was just looking at me like I’ve gone bananas, but it was actually painful.
  21. Instant noodles ninja.
  22. Asides English, yup.
  23. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
  24. I don’t think I have any.
  25. Blah. Blah.


  1. This was interesting to read. I can’t seem to find the comment button on the recent posts so I will just proceed to like them. Lol. Probably this WordPress reader thingy.

    • Thanks dear. About the comment button, I deactivated it, and now I don’t seem to know how to enable it again *sobs* I should ask google now lol

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