Hi there! It’s a Self-esteem day!

People often say a lot about us (to themselves or other people), what they perceive us to be, who they think we are, and our personality. Different opinions from different folks, but what is the opinion we have of ourselves?

Perhaps you find it difficult to live up to other people’s expectations of you, or to your own expectations, you sometimes tell yourself you are “too stupid” to apply for a new job, for example.

All you need do is to identify the negative beliefs you have about yourself and challenge them.

Start to note these negative thoughts and write them down on a piece of paper or in a diary. Ask yourself when you first started to think these thoughts.

Next, start to write down evidence that challenges these negative beliefs: “I am really good at listening, my sister calls for a chat every week”.

Write down other positive things about yourself, such as “I am thoughtful and smart” or “I am a great singer” or “I am someone that people trust“.

You might have low confidence now because of what happened to you while growing up, but you can grow and develop new ways of seeing yourselves at any time.

Recognise what you are good at, set yourself a goal and analyse your own self, build positive relationships, be kind and gentle to yourself, learn to be assertive, start learning how to say NO to unhealthy things, trust your own feelings too.

Overall, Love yourself and be happy! Don’t expect anyone to love or respect you if you don’t fully love yourself first.


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