Happy new month guys. I’m 6 days late but hey, better late than never. I’ve been moody for a while now for some reasons I can’t place a finger on. Most times, I find myself drifting into a foul mood even when it is all bright and beautiful around and I’m so tired of feeling this way and nursing this melancholy, so I’ve decided to be super optimistic about everything this month. I’m not a pessimist per se, I’m just too much of a realist, but this month, that is changing. I’m currently residing in Utopia, lol, everything is perfect right here. Every morning I’m gonna wake up and screaammm “I’m an incurable optimist” out loud. Way to go Dr. Mima! Way to go. To start my journey of getting my jovial self back, I’ve decided to look forward to 5 great things this month.

  1. Weddings: I hate weddings, I’ve always hated weddings. I’m not a bad bele, no, I’m not a sadist, I just don’t like weddings. Wait, I don’t like funerals too, so yh, I’m pretty normal. Last month, I attended a wedding (I got invited by the bride’s cousin’s girlfriend’s friend. whew!), and I liked everything about it, so I’m beginning to change my orientation about weddings. I have 2 weddings to attend this month, and I’m looking forward to them because I’d love to celebrate new beginnings with people and dance with them. I’d love to socialize and meet new people and above all I’d love to dress up and look pretty. wedding-dancing
  2. Rain: I love rain, I’ve talked about why I love the rain here. I’m looking forward to more rainfall, I love the weather, so cold and drab, extremely dull and lazy. I’m a semi-misanthrope and rain makes people go out less and stay in more, so it’s perfect for me to go out and have fun without the usual Lagos crowd. Yaay me!  large.jpg
  3. Family: I’m starting to learn about the importance of family and I’m happy to have people that love me and always have my back. I’m especially happy to have a big sister now because I don’t have to buy new clothes often anymore. sister in law#OperationRaidOlaide starts on Friday
  4. Books: I’m buying new books this month. I got about 10 books last month and I’m done with them already. I’m looking for a new bookstore that sells chick lit in Lagos as I’m not really into the idea of reading ebooks. So this month, I’d find time to visit new bookstores and find a new favourite spot.  chick lit.jpg
  5. Job interviews: I hate job interviews. Like I’m always blank when I hear “Tell me about yourself” lol. But after sitting at home for about 2 months, a job interview would make me so happy. I applied for various postions last month, and I’m positive about the outcome. I’m praying for something good. I deserve to be happy.  got.png

Find a reason to stay happy this month! xx

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  1. Aint i “THE LUCKIEST” having you as a Baby sis. I look forward to you spoiling your niece & nephew. You’d make a GREAT aunt. ?

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