When I was 16/17 about 5 years ago, I had just 3 things on my list:

1. He must be tall
2. He must be able to dance & perform stunts
3. He must be a basketball player lol.

wp-1465805522902.jpgPresently, the only thing on that list that I still consider is the height. I’m 5″8, please I need a 6 footer abi? Now, I’m in my early twenties and my mentality is way different, I’ll like to believe that I know what I want now. I know no one is perfect, but still I expect the person I settle down with to have a pass mark of at least 60%.

1. God-fearing: No need to talk too much, this one is self-explanatory.

2. Respect & honour: This should be both ways yh. I need someone I can respect and honour, ’cause a marriage devoid of these two won’t stand the test of time and even if it does, it would be a sham of a marriage.

3. Responsible: The question is “what are you doing with an irresponsible man?”

4. Good dress sense: Yes it is very important to me. I’m not much of a fashion killer myself, but then I’m attracted to men that slay. Just look at D’banj, he slays in suits even his shoe game is too tight, does he have two heads?

5. Physical attraction: When women say you should marry a man who loves you so much even if you don’t have an iota of love or even a dash of like for him I just get weak. Like how do you guys cope with people you’re not attracted to in any way, are you even enjoying the marriage? How do you live with someone whose stare doesn’t give you the heebie-jeebies? I don’t get it. You know what? I don’t ever want to get it sef.

6. Good personal hygiene: I don’t need to talk too much about this. So I read a story on the make up or break up IG page. According to the lady, her husband poos without flushing and anytime she complains, he says it’s the job of his wife to do that ewww. Lmaoo ah, is this one a man or otherwise? I mean what manner of a disgusting habit is that? Let me just stop here. Yuck tho yuck

7. Not stingy or miserly: I don’t plan to be a liability to my man, but a stingy man or a miser is a no-no for me.

What are you looking for? Do you have specific things you want or are you just the “I’ll settle for anything” person? It’s so funny when you ask ladies in their 20s the qualities they want in their partners and they begin to talk about physical appearance and financial capacity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against that, I love good-looking men and I also like the idea of my man being able to provide for me and support me. All I’m saying is that should not be the basis of your choosing a partner, you don’t have to be superficial in making your choice.

Remember that your partner has his list too so don’t just sit in a corner and be chilling for a perfect man without working on yourself. I decided to have the attributes I want in my man too, you can choose to do the same. xx


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