My mind is a beehive of activities. Sometimes my mind gets so busy and I literally sign out and drift away. Like I really take a break and stare into a blank space. 

  1. Songs – I just find tunes of songs playing over and over in my head. Most times, I try to remember the lyrics, find the song on google and play it before it leaves my mind.
  2. Heaven and hell – I find myself wondering if God is really going to allow over 3/4 of the people he created and loves burn in hell. I know we’ve been taught to believe that sinners will go to hell, yes it is even written in the Bible, but am I the only one that thinks of the severity of that? Like heck, we are all sinners, even a monk or nun sins, so it’s not about secluding yourself from humanity. So who exactly is going to be in heaven?
  3. My career.
  4. Food – Exquisite dishes I’m yet to try and tasteful dishes I’ve eaten stay on my mind almost all the time.
  5. Sex – An Ohio State University research suggests that an average man has sexy thoughts 19 times per day which basically is 1.26 times in an hour. The average woman thinks about sex 10 times a day. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much normal.
  6. The future.
  7. Highly personal stuff – Really, most of the things that cross my mind cannot be talked about with anyone. I have a very weird and active imagination.


  1. Well you are not alone concerning the heaven and hell part. That is why the bible teaches us that Christ died for our sins. So it is no longer a subject of committing sin but of living in sin (there is a huge difference). When you commit sin Christ grace cover you but when you live in sin I.e sinning constantly without repentance, then that is an entirely different subject matter. I’d love to explain more but I don’t want to sound like a preacher. Nice blog BTW. First time visitor.

    • Mims

      I understand you, please go ahead and explain, I’d love to hear from you. Oh thanks and do come back lol.

      • Sorry to hear about what you are going through in your latest post. I pray everything works out fine. God understands our imperfections and that is why Christ died for us (if he expects us to be perfect then Christ wouldn’t have had to die). Accepting the finished work of Christ is not a destination but the beginning of a journey in which God makes you better by the day. So the people that will make heaven are not the law abiding people (no one can ever be completely obedient to the law) but the people that accept their imperfections and confess their sins and ask Jesus to help them forsake them. This is what it means to be born again (born of the holy spirit which you receive when you accept Christ). Most people expect to automatically become perfect but that is not how it works. Have a great day dear.

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