This should be interesting seeing as I’m supposed to know myself so well. But but but, let’s just try.

1. I get irritated easily by the most awkward things. Like when a guy keeps playing with his beard or when someone taps their fingers on a table continuously. Eww.

2. I swear I’d pick personality over looks but I think I’ve been living a lie.

3. When I get nervous I always want to use the toilet. I shit under pressure.

4. I am very difficult to please, but I mask my displeasure when I choose to.

5. I have a short attention span, so if a conversation is dragging and boring, I just mentally log out; but still smile and nod appropriately.

6. I love nature and heights.

7. I prefer going to the movies alone. I’m a closet misanthrope, I’m coming out soon.

8. I live in the moment and I never worry for too long. I take Matthew 6:25-34 a little too seriously.

9. I don’t think you have to be married to be fulfilled. Actually, I don’t see the need to get married neither do I see the need to have kids. I feel like there are so many kids without parents so why can’t you just pick one or two and care for them instead of bringing more. Like my other opinions, this is subject to change. I can meet a man tomorrow that will reset my brain and I’ll start popping kids out like a rabbit.


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