Last week Wednesday, a friend (or an ex friend I think) accused me of doing something I didn’t do. Her accusing me wasn’t the problem because tbh, I put myself in the position to be accused, what was the problem was her manner of doing it. She saw me, told me to come to her house and immediately gave me a Bible to swear (at this point I was lost). She kept on asking (more like shouting), “What did you take from me that I did not give you?” At this point I got confused, and I asked about what she was looking for, no answer.

Her mom was at scene, so her mom tried intervening, she asked what she was looking for and this my ‘friend’ said, “Mummy e ma worry mo mo nkan ti mo n so, oun lo mu.” (Mummy don’t worry, I know what I’m saying, and she was the one that took it). Don’t let me bore you with the details, I went to my house and I wept, I don’t think I’ve cried that much in my entire life, I shed tears man. Her mom and brother later called me and apologized on her behalf, not like she admitted she was wrong oh, they just knew I was innocent. For about two days, I was the crying about the situation, I wasn’t crying because I was accused, no, I was crying because she was so certain that I took whatever it was she was looking for. This is someone I’ve known for six years, yet no benefit of doubt, I should term the situation ‘betrayal of trust.’ Well, on the third day, I became so annoyed, really annoyed. I was mad at myself for keeping quiet and crying when she accused me, I was mad at myself for not going to her place to give her ‘the warning of her life’. I talked to my dad about it, but his words did nothing to pacify me. At this time, I was still reading my novel, Sunrise, I had finished the novel already, but I was reading the ‘A word from Karen Kingsbury’ part. Something there struck me immediately, she wrote “God never planned us to wallow in the mire of failed efforts or broken relationships, and He doesn’t want us to flounder in the frog pond of unforgiveness and bitterness. He wants us to take hold of promises He has to offer and make a new start. New beginnings are crucial if we’re ever going to find victory in our life with Christ.” Aha! God just knows when to come in! There was no way in the world I was going to read that and still hold on to my bitterness, at that moment, I let go of everything, I forgave her because I knew she acted based on her feelings which I sometimes do too. And above all, I saw it as a lesson and a chance to start afresh.

People say being a Christian is easy, yes it is. Well, it is until it’s time to forgive someone that hurt you real bad lol. That’s actually a challenging aspect of Christianity really, but at the same time, that’s the part that builds you. What is life without challenges and trials? What is victory without tribulations? Nothing I guess.

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So no matter who hurt you, no matter what you’re holding on to from the past, this is the season to let go. This is the time to give it all up and accept the peace that comes with letting go of bitterness and obeying God.



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    i practically read all your post,i found this one really helpful cos i can relate to it very well

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