…of everything never hurt(s) anyone. Or so you think. Till you are the one putting in a little too much. It could be attention, time, money, effort or anything at all. Now the thing about this is you actually never know you’re doing it till you realize all you’re doing is going unnoticed. At this stage you begin to feel unappreciated and you begin to demand for more, but in most cases, you’ll never get more.

You’ll fight for more, you’ll cry to be noticed, you’ll beg for appreciation and you’ll still not get any. Oh c’mon you can always stop giving more you might want to argue (especially if you’ve not been in this situation before), well the sad thing is you’ll be too used to giving a little too much to stop. It would have become a habit and you’ll try to stop, then you’ll see you can’t. You know what will happen next? Frustration, resentment, unhappiness and their other siblings and cousins will become your closest pals. Little wonder most people are unhappy with their jobs, relationships, marriages and lives generally. I think the key is moderation. Don’t give a 100 when you’re getting 23, don’t go overboard. Don’t be overenthusiastic about anyone or anything until you’re sure they deserve or it deserves a little too much. Now as an adherent “quoter” of Proverbs 18:16 and Proverbs 22:29, I wouldn’t suggest moderation or not giving your all when it comes to your job. I think you just have to understand that you’d not be appreciated all the time. Understanding that makes you choose whether to give a little too much (and forget about getting anything in return) or hold back. Sometimes, hold back the extra effort, hold back a little too much. If you’re lucky, your reduced “too much” would be noticed and you’d be given more, you’d be noticed, you’d get appreciated. If you’re not, pack up and move on. Like I’m doing rn.


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