Movies are not my thing. When it comes to seeing a movie, I have a rather short attention span and I don’t like hyped movies. If you want me to see a movie, don’t come to me going on and on about it. The more you yap about it, the less my possibility of seeing it. Then when I sit down to see a movie, I’ll always find a reason to cry (shh it’s a secret). I cried when Dobby died, yup, real tears. Now the thing is I don’t cry over sad movies. I remember when I was in 200/300 level, my friends kept on talking about this certain Indian movie, We are family, they kept on going on about how emotional it was and how they cried and all. Okay, let me watch this movie that made y’all cry, I decided. As expected, I was wide-eyed through, no drop of tear, even though it was a pretty sad movie. Yet when I watched boys over flowers, I found myself crying over the most awkward scenes. The notebook? Even Nicholas Sparks cried while writing it. Love actually? Festival of tears. Confessions of a marriage counsellor? I found myself crying along with the husband when he was crying outside the club. It’s safe to assume that love makes me cry and it’s safe to conclude I’m a hopeless romantic (ewww).


About the first week of January, I went to see my nephew (he’s cute for dayssss) and I wanted to see a movie. I was going through my sister’s movies and asking about them, I decided to settle for one. I started seeing it but for some reason I can’t seem to remember, I stopped. I got back home and this movie kept on popping up, so I decided to see it. Me before you is worth the hype and more. Before seeing it, I wondered what about it was making everyone cry and all so as usual, I was cynical while watching it. I don’t know which I loved more – the songs played or the movie itself. I loved every bit of the movie, from Louisa Clarke’s dress sense, her personality to Will’s facial expressions.


Now the scene that touched me the most was the night on the beach.


I understand her seeing him as selfish and all but when he talked about him not being able to touch her ever, the tears started. I tried to imagine myself loving someone under those circumstances and I couldn’t. How would I know when and how my lover would die? Man, that’s too much. At that moment, they were both selfish, but at the end, I learned something.


True love compromises. You can’t always have your way. Although, I would say Will wasn’t really being selfish. I liked how the vacation didn’t make him change his mind and he still went ahead with the enthanasia, I don’t like movies with predictable endings. Also, I liked how he called her Clarke even in their most emotional state. Love and friendship go hand in hand. Love is sweeter when shared with a friend.



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