Senior secondary school was stress for me. I was always at the bottom of the class, academically and status-wise. I was actually indifferent though, I just wanted to read novels, daydream and drift through life. Turns out, things never really happen the way we want them. In my final session, I became a boarding student and till I ran away at the end of the next term, I never did fit in, neither was I ever able to adhere to the rules. I was always getting into trouble and receiving never-ending punishments ugh, which was quite funny as one would have thought I’d be the perfect boarder seeing as I was in boarding house since I was in primary 4.

Anyway, one particular reason I was always falling out with the housemistress was over my flashlight. It was against the rule to put on any light whatsoever after lights out, but how on earth was I supposed to fall asleep without reading? How please? I can’t count the number of flashlights the housemistress seized from me lol. I loved reading especially with the flashlight because there was always this feeling of “what if i get caught” which always made my novels more interesting to me.


There was this particular book I collected from my bunkie, it was missing some pages most importantly the cover page and the first few pages, so I had no idea what the title was. It was quite sad, actually it was a really sad read and it kind of stuck with me through the years. Like the thoughts of the events in the book come into mind sometimes. I couldn’t remember the major characters in the book but I could remember a particular name – quagmire. Anytime I see the word, I always remember the book, so I decided to use google (google never really fails you know). I googled quagmire twins, and there and then I found the book (it is actually a series of 13 books), lemony_snicket_a_series_of_unfortunate_events_the_bad_beginning_cover

I also saw that it had been made it into a movie and tv series showing on Netflix.


So during the weekend, I decided to see it while doing my laundry, gosh, I hated it. I hated every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, it made me laugh and that’s the problem. The director interpreted it differently and turned it into a comic relief and it was super annoying. Count Olaof was stupid albeit quite wicked, but in the tv series, he was a complete idiot. Ugh. Now this is why I don’t like seeing movie adaptations of books I love, they always ruin them for me. *sobs and kicks around*

P.S. Hey you, I’m sorry.

P.P.S. I know when I started with the story of boarding house, y’all thought the title was based on me, wrong. A series of unfortunate events is the title of the book.

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