Abortion, according to Wikipedia, is the ending of pregnancy by removing a foetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. Euthanasia can loosely be used to refer to assisted suicide, although the two terms are slightly different, this is when a medical personnel or a professional intentionally helps someone commit suicide to probably relieve the person of pain and suffering. Euthanasia is also known as “mercy killing.”

Abortion and euthanasia are both illegal in Nigeria, although I’d say we are quite silent about assisted suicide here and it would be considered an abomination if anyone suggests it.

I’m a Christian and I know life is precious, God is the owner of life and he controls it and all of that. But wait for it, I’m also pro-choice. I believe everyone should have a right to life and death. Euthanasia is carried out when a person has a terminal illness or severe physical illness, the person has to make the decision himself, but in some extreme cases where the person suffers from severe mental illness, the family can make the decision. It’s a painless procedure, an antiemetic drug is administered first, then about 30 minutes later, an overdoes of a lethal drug is mixed with water and given to the patient, and about 3 minutes later, the patient sleeps, falls into a coma and dies. Now, I’m not saying a depressed person should go ahead and have his/her life ended, no, I’m not. For a moment, think about someone that has stage 3/4 cancer, with no means of treating it, no money, no support, nothing. The family has probably been running helter- skelter to raise money, they’ve sold everything they have just to treat this person, yet little or no improvement. What about this person on the sick bed? The pain, the suffering, the nightmares, the pain especially and the knowledge of this being terminal (in some cases). Let’s call this person P, P had a vibrant life before the illness, an active stockbroker, very outdoorsy and all. Now P is confined to a sick bed with little or no hope of surviving and even if he survives at all, he’s gonna be a shadow of his old self. Does he have a right to pull out of this thing called life? Does he have a right to say, “No, I’m done with this shit, let’s end it now.” Yes, he does. Fine, if it becomes legalized, people with mild issues like debts can decide to end their lives, I get that. But do we allow that to get in the way of those that really need it? You can read up on a real-life case of assisted suicide here.

Abortion is highly controversial, and I’m very well aware of that and I’m in support of every woman having the right to make a choice to do it or not. Everyone has a right to make the choice to keep a child or take one out, let’s not complicate things here. A teenager who is barely an adult should not be forced to keep an unwanted pregnancy. A family that planned on having 3 kids and have the resources to take care of just 3 should not be criticised when they decide to take out an unwanted No. 4.

I’m of the opinion that people die from abortion because they go to quacks who do not do a decent job and who have little idea on how to properly terminate a pregnancy. If abortion was legalized and people could walk into a reputable hospital and have the foetus removed, we would have lesser deaths from this. And no, it won’t result in people getting pregnant anyhow because the pain of abortion should be enough to keep you from avoiding a second or third one. Suicide too could go wrong when people try to take their lives themselves, they could end up being worse off and traumatize or scar the people who watched them do it. I’m not saying anyone should be able to walk into Dinigtas, I’m just saying let us all have a choice.

I asked my colleagues about where they stand, 33.33% were pro-choice and 66.67% were pro-life. I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic, please feel free to share your comments below, thanks.

This is not me endorsing abortion and euthanasia, I just think everyone has a right to choose and that right should not be trampled upon. My views on this can always change.

I attached a video of Michele Causse who chose assisted suicide and agreed to have it recorded, you can watch it if you have the heart to. Lol.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfyxUO4ZsDo&w=560&h=315]



  1. I support both… But the process n conditions for Euthanasia should be strict n defined n the laws guiding it should be specific with specific cases where it should be granted so that a depressed person shouldn’t decide to end his life too under the guise of euthanasia… I even wish that it should be legalized on time… I’m a pharmacist in training n I read up cases where people shouldn’t spend n look for money because there’s no hope… If euthanasia isn’t granted on time Doctors or nurses that are profit oriented are going to make a whole lot of money…Thanks

    • Mims

      I didn’t even think of the profit gaining side of this, it’s actually a thing. Thanks for sharing.

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