Happy new month. Yaay May! This is one of my favourite months! 3 public holidays! So many birthdays!
April was actually a busy month, well not all of April, I got back into the labour market towards the end of the month (sad and happy about that). Well even at that, I was still about to catch my favourites this month. Let’s get on with it.

Favourite books:


1. Princess Bible: It’s a Bible for princesses of all ages. I didn’t plan to buy a Bible, I already had a study Bible. Lol, technically I had it then my dad collected his Bible from me and the next day I decided to buy mine. But the prices were waayyyy out of my budget, so I had to buy this. I’m totally in love with the sparkle lavender cover. I got it for N1850

2. Don’t bet against me – Deanna Favre: Highly inspirational book. Price – N100 (it was on sale)

3. This morning with God – Jennifer Rothschild: It’s a devotional for women. Price: N400

4. Preparing my heart for motherhood – Ann Marie Stewart: I was reluctant about buying it but the guys at the bookstore kept on insisting that since the title says “preparing”, I should buy it in advance. And yes I got it well basically because it was on sale and it cost only N100 loool

Favourite music:

1. Maria Maria – Carlos Santana:


Released 1999 with the Project G & P singing and Carlos Santana killing the guitar. A blast from the past! That’s what this is. This song reminds me of my childhood; lots of laughter, no chores, no bills and Mayflower’s beans.

2. Like I’m gonna lose you – Meghan & John Legend:


Sweet duet. Sweet lovesong.

3. Pillowtalk – Zayn Malik:


All I can say is, Zayn thanks for leaving 1D. You’ve not added this song to your sex playlist? What are you waiting for?

4. I want it all back – Tye Tribbett:


This should be the ultimate crusade song!! Shabashakasagebu shekebe give me back what is mine! Return my possessions!! FAAYYAAAA!!!!


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