Hi! Happy new month. So two of my friends are getting married in September and I used to be really close to both of them during my undergrad years. They were both there for me when I needed them during those years so I can’t say no to their invitation (sentiments upon sentiments). I’ve been complaining of how tired I am of adulting for a while, perhaps the most annoying aspect is that now I have to buy aso-ebi with my hard-earned money. I’m not really a wedding person and the last one I attended was held October last year, of which I didn’t buy the asoebi that was just 8k (laments in had-I-known), I just can’t shy away from buying these ones now. I paid for both of them yesterday (a minute of silence for my 37k) and now I’m hoping and praying steadfastly that my tailor doesn’t ruin them because these Nigerian tailors, sorry, fashion designers can do and undo.

Yesterday, I was innocently going through a blog and someone recommended Apetamin for weight gain. Wham! I went to Google and read about Apetamin, the side effects and all. Apparently, the testimonies were really encouraging and there were many positive feedback(s). I checked for its availability on Jumia and I ordered from the cheapest vendor immediately. Now I’m thinking to myself. “Do I really need Apetamin? Do I have the money to feed myself when my appetite increases? Do I have the resources to maintain this Apetamin lifestyle? sigh. How will I maintain this lifestyle when I’ve carried all my feeding money to go and buy aso-ebi.

Please please before you people go and start proposing and getting married, edakun ask your friends if they are ready financially #friendslivesmattertoo. As if my aso-ebi troubles weren’t massive enough for me, they now added me to a bridal shower group. Ah! These people want to siphon my entire salary. but then what else would I spend my money on if not on things that matter to the people I love? Myself. But then, this isnt about me. ugh.


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