This is the story of few people who find love and lose it …

Boy meets Girl

Girl meets Boy

Boy likes Girl

Girl likes Boy


Boy shows commitment

Girl takes it hook, line, and sinker

Boy has nothing but dreams

Girl fuels the dreams in motion


Boy starts living the dreams

Girl sees Boy fading away

Boy says “Girl, you’re an unwanted distraction.”

Girl says “I just want to be there for you”


Boy doesn’t want that anymore

Girl doesn’t understand

Boy has outgrown Girl

Girl is hurt


Boy moves on

Girl tries to move on

Boy keeps going

Girl wants Boy again

Boy says “No distractions.”

Girl thinks to herself “How do you love one and move on so fast?”


Boy doesn’t look back for a second

Girl is hurt

Boy is living life

Girl wants to mourn her loss


Boy wants to enjoy what he missed while with Girl

Girl wants to stay without another Boy for a while

Boy wants to be with other Girls for a while


Girl meets another Boy

Another Boy is Man

Man wants to cherish and love Girl

Girl says “It’s too early.”


Man knows what he wants

Girl insists “Give it time.”

Man doesn’t want to play games

Girl gives in


Man is a good lover

Girl is happier

Man wants forever

Girl wants forever


Man asks Girl to be his

Girl says yes

Boy achieves his dreams


Man is happy

Girl is happy

Boy is happy

The chain of hurt is broken


Girl wishes Boy was Man instead 

If wishes were horses…


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