Theme: Faith


In 1887, two brothers Reuben and Colt commit several crimes and have two town sheriffs on their trail. They run and their two younger brothers, Caleb and Benjamin follow them, leaving their widowed mother behind.They get to Denmark, Texas and leave the youngest, Benjamin with a promise of coming back to get him after one year. The three split and agree to meet at that point a year later.

Reuben’s Atonement: Being the first of four kids, Reuben feels responsible for his brothers. Thirteen years later and fresh out of jail, Reuben returns to Wyoming, just few days before his mother’s death. He starts afresh, learns to work for money, gives his life to Christ and falls in love with his childhood friend, Charlotte.

The Peacemaker: Colt has always been the aggressive one with a quick temper. After his jail term, he decides to go after his partner-in-crime’s widow, Anne Langley to get his share of the booty. He gets hired as a ranch worker and soon a murderer lurks around and things do not go as planned.

Outlaw Sheriff: Caleb arrives Dime Box, Arizona with the hope of starting a new life, because just like his brothers, he landed in jail. But unlike them, he found God in jail. In Dime Box, he gets mistaken for Cal Wilson, the new sheriff who had ordered a mail-order bride, Lydia even before his arrival. They go through ups and downs, fall in love and soon discover that nothing happens by mistaken once you put your wills and desires in God’s hands.

A Gamble on Love: Benjamin grows up to be a gambler. He finds a partner in Pearl and together they cheat and win at cards. Pearl learns her mother is dying, so she leaves. Benjamin joins her with the intention of continuing the business, but Pearl’s strict mother doesn’t condone such. Pearl returns to her old ways, Benjamin gives his life to Christ and becomes accepted by Pearl’s mother. Pearl and her mother play a major role in the reconciliation of the Wilson Brothers.

I’m not sure if I really enjoyed reading this book. It was sort of boring, the only story I really liked was that of Caleb. Seeing as it was set in 1887, I was expecting some sort of historical romance theme. I recommend it because it’s a faith based book with a strong homecoming background. I doubt if I will be reading this book again anytime soon though.



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