Genre – Chick lit

As we all know Sophie Kinsella is the queen of chick lit. No contenders, wait Meg Cabot? Well..

Imagine being on a plane experiencing serious turbulence, then you get scared you might die, you’re understandably nervous at this point. Then you start talking, start spilling your secrets to the stranger beside you; you tell him everything- every damn thing. When you’re done (calm), you realise you’re still alive and this stranger informs you that the turbulence stopped a while ago. You’re obviously embarrassed, but then he’s just a stranger you’ll never meet again.

Boyyy were you wrong. He turns out to be your boss. No, not your new boss. The founding boss of the corporation you work with and guess what – he knows all your secrets.

I totally enjoyed reading this, it is highly humorous. Of course, I attached a pdf copy.



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