Hi! I know it’s not Friday today. Lol. I’m no authority on fashion and my dress sense is on a minus zero level, but I do take nice pictures and I’m trying to improve my editing skills. 

By the way, I miss This is it. Yesterday, I was expecting the notification by 10 am, but nahhh nothing. I’m officially tired of Skinny Girl in Transit, the storyline is just getting long and uninteresting. Hopefully, next episode is better and all.

This faux highlight keeps messing me up lol
Totally love this edit.

I really do not understand why my hands were this way uno
Used to hate these sandals.
I really do have the most awkward poses


Ankara top – Made by Iya Lade lol

Denim pants – Nicked from Bukola

Sandals – Obviously from my mother



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