As you already know, if it’s not a Nollywood movie, the chances of me seeing it in the cinema are very low. Nahh, I’m not posh, I’m just a local girl that can’t see white movies without subtitles.On Friday, my friends and I went to see a movie, I wasn’t involved in the selection process for reasons I don’t know. I was distracted or something, I can’t remember fully. Anyway, we ended up seeing Catch-er, I had not seen the trailer or movie posters or even heard anything about it so I didn’t know what to expect. In summary, a lady (Beverly Naya) was murdered and the major suspects were her husband (Alexx Ekubo) because she had just caught him cheating on her and her colleague (Blossom Chukwujekwe) because she caught him stealing from the company and told him to turn himself in or she was going to do it. OC Ukeje and Tope Tedela were the detectives assigned to the case and Gbenro Ajibade was the brother of the victim. A few plot twists, a few here and theres and the killer ended up being neither of the accused. I wasn’t impressed neither was I unimpressed,  I was just not interested in the movie. It was a good movie though, something different from the regular Nollywood themes.

On my way to work this morning, I saw a poster advertising a program by Harvesters Church, the poster read – How To Identify Yoruba Demons? It pissed me off. I mean this is a society filled with so many unnecessary stereotypes; Ijebu people are stingy, Owerri girls are promiscuous, Yoruba women are dirty and the list goes on and on. I get that the church is trying to be hip and probably trying to talk about how to identify heart-breakers and crazy men but using the term “Yoruba Demon” is wrong on so many levels. We joke about the term on social media and use it to tease our friends, but a church going ahead to put this on a poster as a way of attracting people to church is rather unsettling. Churches on the Island turn me off a lot, advertising church programs like they’re advertising concerts. Posters and billboards everywhere with the pictures of their pastors looking like what I don’t know, prosperity gospel without a drop of holiness and eternity, unhealthy competition abounds amidst every other ill you can think of. This is a drift from the purpose of The Church, I should feel loved and welcome(d) when I enter a church rather than feel under-dressed and like a fish out of water. I’m not saying all churches on the Island are bad and what’s not. All I’m saying is that poster and advert or whatever it is, is wrong and should be dissuaded.

The career path I’ve chosen for myself is under the big wings of HR. As a person, I do not have the best personality so me choosing to want to deal with people for the rest of my working years surprises me. Having issues with your colleagues is quite normal, how you handle it is what determines if it becomes a big issue or a small thing. Most times when I fall out with a colleague, I just back off or recoil into my shell. I think to myself at times, “My colleagues are from the hottest part of hell.” Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m the one from hell. I’m never wrong though, but recently I’ve come to learn that most times, it’s not the wrong one that apologises first, it’s the one who values the relationship most that does that. This is an important tip that has helped me through some difficult situations.


I’m currently in the middle of a fight with a friend who turned out to be as stubborn as I am, hopefully, I come out victorious.

  • Paul Wilbur – For Your name is holy
  • Paul Wilbur – Nobody is like You
  • Chris Tomlin – How great is our God
  • Todd Dulaney – Victory belongs to Jesus

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