I got to find out about Mandisa in 2013 when I searched online for gospel artists to add to my playlist, I particularly liked Stronger and Overcomer. I knew who she was on the surface but I had no idea she was a contestant on the first season of American Idol in 2006 neither did I know she released a book in 2007.

I had ignored this book for a while but I’m so glad I finally got to read it. Mandisa was very open about her struggles with weight and her food addiction and how she overcame them, or rather is still overcoming them. One thing I learnt from this book is listening to God every time. If there’s one thing to pick from Mandisa’s life, it is the importance of having a consistent relationship with God. Another thing I learnt is the importance of having a network of friends that are always there for you spiritually.

This book is something we can all relate with at one point or the other. You can connect with her struggles, challenges and battles as a Christian in this 21st century. It’s amazing to see that 8 years after she didn’t win American Idol, she won a Grammy award. I’m so proud of her journey and achievements. Above all, her love for God is so contagious.

Idol eyes is an absolutely delightful book to read. I tried to look for a pdf version to attach but I wasn’t lucky with that. In case you come across it when next you’re in your favourite bookstore, don’t pass it by; buy it.

Hi! Last month, I turned twentysomething. Yet again. I was to go check for some books for my friend and I decided to go on my birthday. Turned out they didn’t have the books she wanted, so I decided to feed my eyes and then I saw it. The cover attracted me, then I took a look at the title and I knew I had to cop it. The tagline – from like, to like like , to love in your twenties – was quite apt as we all go through that like like process lol. That stage were you know it’s more than the conventional like but you’re not quite certain it’s love.

Theme: coming of age, loss of innocence

Born and raised to be a Carmellia in Charleston, Sarah Walters can’t wait to move away and leave the Carmellias behind. She moves to the North and becomes a victim of her choices. Bitsy, Charlotte and Annie, all Carmellias too have their dose of wrong decisions and this leaves us wondering if the Cotillion Training School really lives up to its name. This is a captivating novel about good girls and bad choices.

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