Hi! It’s officially 12 days to Christmas and I’m so thrilled, I’m currently putting on my Santa headband without any care in the world.



I’ve been seeing holiday movies since the last week of November and I’m sure I’ve seen enough on Netflix to recommend a few nice ones, let’s say five in no particular order.

  1. The Spirit of Christmas – Kate, a lawyer has about three weeks to get an inn appraised so it can be sold, she goes to the inn and realizes it’s haunted by a ghost. Blah blah, she falls in love with the ghost, more blah blah. This movie is cringe-worthy, and quite annoying but it kinda puts one in the holiday mood.
  2. How Sarah Got Her Wings – Sarah dies, goes to purgatory and is told she can’t enter heaven because her name is not on the list. St. Peter’s replacement decides to do her a favour and sends her back to earth to help a soul in need. She has 12 days to Christmas to get this done. She gets sent back to her ex. This movie kind of reminds me of Over her dead body.
  3. A Christmas Prince – Amber, a journalist is sent to get news (dirt) on Prince Richard, a supposed playboy. She gets mistaken for a tutor for Princess Emily, so she decides to stay in the palace with the tutors identity to get her work done. Netflix has been called out for this movie, but I’m one of the few people that actually enjoyed seeing it.
  4. A Wish for Christmas – Sara is your average nice girl. After her idea got stolen by her boss, she asks Santa for courage and she gets 48 hours of courage. Lol. This movie is super cheesy but then aren’t all holiday movies?
  5. Happy Holidays from Madagascar – This is a combination of 3 holiday specials – 1 Valentine’s day movie and 2 Christmas movies. What better way to spend your holiday than in the company of Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, and King Julien?!

  Honourable mentions

  • Krampus
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • The Polar Express
  • Casper’s Haunted Christmas
  • Angel of Christmas
  • The Nutcracker
  • Elf – Possibly the most silly holiday movie ever made. Lmao.

Just in case you don’t have a Netflix account, it’s nothing to worry about. You can set one up now and enjoy one month free viewing, I pay NGN4, 680 for my subscription monthly. If you don’t have that amount to throw around, you can always create a new email address and a new Netflix account every month. Just be sure to remove your card details before your subscription runs out so you don’t end up being debited. Stay sharp. 


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