Hi! I went on a movie seeing spree yesterday to catch up on movies I’m yet to see. I was going to see Avengers: Infinity War and Rule No. 1, but I ended up seeing Deadpool 2 and Crazy People. 

Crazy People is a psychological comic movie produced and directed by Moses Inwang. It features Ramsey Nouah, Chigul, Shola Sobawale, Ireti Doyle, Mr. Patrick, Ben Touitou and other stars.

Now I had seen the trailer of this movie when I went to see The Ghost and The Tout, and it looked good to me. So yeah, I was really anticipating the release of this movie. Besides I only knew it was a psychological movie when I was writing this post lol. So I had no idea of what to expect at all.

Crazy People tells the story of Real Ramsey Nouah who we see escaping from a mental facility along side Chigul at the beginning of the movie. Apparently, his identity had be stolen by Fake Ramsey Nouah, who was fronting to be him all the while he was in the facility. With his new manager, Chigul, he decides to track down Fake Ramsey Nouah and take his life back from him.

The story line was so good and at a point I didn’t even know which of the Ramseys was fake and which was real lol, although at some point it got a bit boring but the ending was sweet. I’ve noticed most Nollywood movies always have issues with ending properly, they almost always leave the audience wondering “What the hell is this?”

Crazy People also deals with mental health issues especially schizophrenia. I like how Nollywood movies these days are touching areas that we act like do not exist. So many people have mental health issues but instead of seeking care, we take them to the church and traditional homes where they do not get adequate care, that’s even if we choose to admit that the person has issues. Yes to more movies that portray real life issues!

Ben Touitou was the star of the movie to me. He didn’t get a lot of screen time as he only came in towards the end of the movie, but he killed it. Wow. His acting was topnotch, he has really improved over the years, coming from his days of Lagos cougars and Desperate Housegirls. I stan for creatives that improve their act/art with time.

I wouldn’t exactly call this movie a comedy, no, I wouldn’t. It didn’t make me or any other person in the cinema laugh our sorrows away, there were just a few chuckles here and there. That being said, it’s a great movie you should see.



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