Hi there! Yesterday, my friend S called me around 6pm and asked that we link up at Crossroads to chill and I was like “okkuuurrrrr!” We agreed to meet there around 8pm. Some 20 minutes past 8, she called me and said she wasn’t allowed to enter, that the bouncer was asking her if she had a reservation. Now if you’re a semi-frequent night crawler in Lagos, you’ll know that this is code for “we don’t allow women who aren’t accompanied by men into this place.” No jokes! I was close already, so she said she was just going to chill for me to come. I got there and suggested we try using the other entrance and the bouncer there asked us the same question. This has never happened to me in all my waka in Lagos, so I didn’t even know how to feel. She called a friend of hers that was supposed to meet us there and he said he was at Good Life (a karaoke bar on Karimu Kotun), so we went to meet him there, spent like 10/15 minutes then went back to Crossroads (Yup, I just had to go by fire by force. I mean everyone knows Crossroads is lit on Wednesdays because that’s TexMex Night).

Here is where it gets interesting. This man we were going to Crossroads with was dressed as casual as casual can get. I mean, he wore palm slippers, denim and a Tshirt. The bouncer didn’t even ask any fucking question, he just let us all in. Do you get? Do you fucking understand? Like wait what?! I need a male arm candy to have fun with my girls in Lagos??!!!!

Please let’s just ignore the weird leg pose lol.

Now, I went to the ladies 2 times while there and I stepped out to receive calls 3 times and I kid you not, at all these instances, I witnessed the bouncers not allowing women enter unaccompanied by men.

Something similar happened sometime last year when Nnenna and I went to The Long Bar to hang out with some of our male friends after work. We were meeting up with them and as we got to the gate, the bouncer came to ask us who we were there to see. Omg! I got so irritated. Like do you think every babe in Lagos is living off men? Most times when my babes and I go to chill, we pay for our drinks with our own fucking money. This reminds me sef, so yesterday while S and I were trying to secure seats by the bar, I saw this old man (he was with his fellow old friends) that was standing beside his seat so I asked if he was tired of sitting so I could sit for a while or something, then he says no, that he’s still sitting but he can buy me a drink. You people need to warn your daddies abeg. Did I ask for a drink? Do I look like I can’t afford a drink? Being a woman in Lagos is hard I’m telling you guys.

I understand Crossroads may be trying to be on some exclusive shit and I get the idea of trying to block runs babes from coming in and all, I totally get it. But puh-leaseee can y’all learn to differentiate between someone coming to spend her money and someone looking for who to spend on her??!! Thank you!


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