Hello! So it says favourite quotes, but I’m not certain I have any. I find it so cliché. Instead, I’ll just make a list of the things I say a lot.


  1. What is worth doing is worth doing well – except you’re sinning sha. Well, if you’re going to sin, just sin well. What’s the use of stealing #100k out of 1 million naira. Just steal 900k because you go still chop punishment if dem catch you. So if you’re going to be bad, go all out, if you wanna be good, go all out. There’s nothing like being in the middle, it’s either black or white, no grey area when it comes to sin. God hates lukewarm people the most, I even hate lukewarm water sef.
  2. It is well – I say this a lot. Especially when someone is lamenting and I have nothing to say, most times I always have nothing to say. So I just sit back, listen to the lamentations and say “it is well.” IMG_20160801_165856
  3. I told you so – This is my all-time favourite. Thing is more often than not, I’m always right. I don’t even know why people argue with me or don’t like doing things my way at first, you humans are so stubborn. I analyse situations, plan ahead and try not to act in accordance to the dictations of my hormones lol, so yeah, I always end up being right. And I certainly do love to gloat about it. I can say I told you so a million times once I end up being right haha. My “I told you so” is getting rusty, so I’m gonna replace it with Sheldon’s “I informed you thusly.”
  4. I’m sorry – Most times when I say this I’m actually saying “Okay shut up and let my ears rest.” I can say sorry 80 times in a day and only say it sincerely like 6 times. Sorry not sorry.

I plan on doing something I’m always scared of doing today and I hope it comes out successful.*fingers crossed*



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