Hi! This morning the devil pushed me to ask my dad about the boo and all. Yup, had to be the devil man. I just asked when it’s ideal for the parents to meet somebody’s boo, only for my dad to start telling me to bring his name so they’ll pray on it. Lmao what?! Please no, thank you. Gave me like 25 minutes lecture on why they should pray on somebody’s child’s name. I just told him there’s no boo, that i was just asking in advance. And really, I was just asking in advance.


Things that make my day

  • Chicken and chips
  • A good book
  • Attention from the right one
  • Good news
  • Surprises – I swear I dont like surprises but all na wash. As a softie, surprises make me happy and all that.
  • The smell of rain on dry land – it sounds weird to me too.
  • A good laugh

If I won the lottery

  • I’ll pay my tithe
  • Give a certain percentage to any missionary of my choice 
  • Buy loads of shoes 
  • Go on a trip – to see the seven wonders of the world 
  • Invest – I’ve always toyed with the idea of being a venture capitalist

Michael played nairabet and won 18k, so I’ve decided to open an account too. We have to start somewhere lol. I’ll make sure I don’t put more than 200 naira sha.  

An average day

  • Wake
  • Press phone
  • Eat
  • Pray
  • Study
  • Eat
  • Read
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Watch feem
  • Eat
  • Chat
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Sleep

Photo of my handwriting


I finally figured what to do with the note out 😀

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