Hi! Can I rant? Of course I can, it’s my blog anyway. I just want to talk about people that claim victims in every situation. These set of people are so annoying. To me, they take advantage of the fact that the other party is probably outspoken or something and they hide under the umbrella of being gentle. They poke you and piss you off without expecting a reaction.

like wth?!! I mean you know I’m hot tempered, so why will you keep doing things that will get me all worked up and when I do, you quickly move to the victim corner. I hate it. I hate it. Then they start acting victimised, that’s emotional blackmail please. Until I fully manifest the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, as long as you poke me, I’ll react. So why can’t these people just learn and stop being so damn annoying. Rant over.

Proudest moments

Every moment is a proud moment. My default setting is pride and cockiness lol. I’ve had some exceptional moments tho.

  • Primary 6 when I passed an exam and got the uac scholarship. Only my mates were in school that period when I got back and the headmaster made reference to it and gave me accolades. It felt goooooddd.
  • Convocation day. I hated my grades, I still do because I know I had the capacity to do better I was just unserious. Sha sha, I was so proud of myself because I graduated against all odds. I had challenges with my project supervisor, had a carryover in my final semester and little financial issues but still I made it through final year.
  • Nysc camp when I won Miss something something. I’m not proud of what I won oh but I’m proud I won it because it didn’t look like I was going to. Everyone had a long dress and I was there with the short dress I wore to camp for registration, nothing glamorous. But I won lol and then the DJ played “stand up for the champions” I was just there like champion kwa? Odikwa serious. Lol. I just felt good that I won even though it didn’t seem possible.

Meaning behind my blog name

No special meaning, it’s my name. Full blog name is theoneandonlyfeistyandawesomemimabenson. But it’s all in my head tho.

My collections

No specifications, so I guess I’ll just show my collection of books.

This picture was taken in July and I’ve added few books .

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