I’ve always tried to be positive about things that have to do with this country, but at this moment, I’m tired. We’ve not had light for 2 weeks now and the heat is crazy. Yesterday, a man in the bus I boarded wanted to buy gala and the lady selling was like “o ti di 70 naira o.” Like after reducing the quality and selling that nonsense excuse of sausage roll, you still went ahead to increase the price.

I really don’t blame them though because I’m certain the cost of production has really increased. Still, I’m tired. I’m just here waiting for one man with green card or any card sef to marry me and take me away from this place. So much for my strong independent black woman character!

Difficult time in my life

None I can think of.

Fave foods

In no particular order,

  • Beans and plantain – not beans, not plantain, beans and plantain.
  • Garri + sugar + milk – if you went to boarding house, you’ll understand.
  • Ewa agonyin (sp?) – simply irresistible
  • Chicken and chips – when I’m mad at you, buy me this to appease the gods.
  • Fufu and efo riro – food of champions
  • Spaghetti bolognese – so my list will look fancy. lol

Best thing that happened this year

I’ve had a great year, I can’t pick the best thing or whatever.

Dream job

I’d love to be a librarian, so also would I love to ride a unicorn across the rainbow. Realistically, I’d like to be a teacher or a cake ninja. Funny how all my life I’ve always dreamed of being an office person with interests in sales & marketing, human resources and management. I’d fit into that setting well yeah, but I love the classroom.

Favourite childhood book

In the fifth at Malory Towers – I’ve read the other books in the series but this remains my absolute favourite and I’m guessing it’s because it was the first one I read

I found my happy place yesterday, I’m still super giddy about that. I bought chick lits and I can’t explain or rather describe my joy. I stumbled upon her unexpectedly and she brought so much tranquility into my life. Soph, till I find a new favourite bookstore, I really do hope we have so much fun. ?


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