Ho! Ho!! Ho!!! So my phone got damaged (damaged being an understatement, story for another day) and the new one I got was too small to type with. My twin decided to gift me with another phone, but apparently the WordPress app isn’t available in (or is it on?) the Windows store and my laptop stresses me, hence, the hiatus. Happy new month, better late than never I guess…


Favourite blogs

  1. stelladimokokorkus.com – always keeping me entertained
  2. thelifeofkristyn.com – lifestyle + beauty tips which I never keep lol
  3. lovethyshelfblog.wordpress.com – book reviews

Old photo of me

 200 level dept. dinner, 2012.
200 level dept. dinner, March 2012.

Note to someone

Hey T.O, I think you are amazing, and even though you annoy the hell out of my soul, I really, really, really, really like you. (haha!) Though I act indifferent and unbothered, I actually do want the best for you. I pray you attain the heights God has destined for you. And for that thing, you know that particular thing abi? Yes, that one, I’m totally grateful. Kilzzezz.

What I look forward to

Next weekend, Christmas carols, the Christmas outing I’m having with Grace, new year celebrations with my cousins, one particular mail/phone call.

Places I’ve travelled

I’m not about to embarrass my generation lmao, let me just sit this one out.

What’s in my makeup bag

Not much, no need for pictures. Over 10 lipsticks, 2 liners, 2 pencils, 1 dried out mascara, cussons baby powder inside a brown powder case, 1 lip gloss. Dazz all.

and this is why I don’t bother with make up – I never get it right!

Why I blog

To share my thoughts with like-minded people.

Once again, happy new month.

Images: funnycaptions.com, paulcpw.blogspot.com.ng


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