Hi! It’s been quite an exciting week for me still I’m glad it’s Friday. So I’m currently reading ‘What do they see when they see you coming?’ by Stephen M. Gower and it’s such a great read. I’m just going to drop an excerpt from the book.

If we are to genuinely understand people, we must seek to comprehend their perception! We must listen for their perception!!

By the way, I’m so tired of hearing about this job talk, like really tired. Am I even happy sitting at home day in day out? Mtchew. I actually did get a job in September just like I looked forward to getting one but the working conditions were too stringent for a baby girl, I had to quit. Well, I’ll get something soon


I’m not quite certain I have any. I like every feature. And as long as I like every part, I expect everyone to do the same. No bodyshaming allowed here. My legs make me happy tho. You’ll see why.


I don’t think I have favourite things, I try not to attach emotions to any material thing. So I believe I like my belongings equally. Still, if I had no choice but to make a list, I’ll go with the list I made about things in my bag.


I’m home all day, and I don’t plan on going anywhere. Kanipe I was to go anywhere today, I’ll probably just put on a gown and look like this

My modelling career should have started here o

or like this

Modelling career was dead on arrival. ?

perhaps this

I’m finer than this now sha.

maybe this

This is a pictorial description of me tho. Smiling this moment, frowning the next. I swear I’m not bipolar

CAVEAT: All pictures apart from the first which was taken during my Bowen years, were taken during my service year. I look nothing like that now. Probably worse, but hey, I’m alive.?


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