Decision making is another vital part of human life because most times they determine a lifetime so they either make you or mar you. The interesting part of decision making is in our daily routine. What do I wear? What do I eat? When to pray, when to study, they are all decisions. Even accepting the salvation of Christ is a decision we made but with faith that its the best decision we should make.

wp-1466502654253.jpgDecision making leaves us thinking on the next move to make. Most times we tend to leave it at “everything will work out in due season” and we often waste time in implementing them but God will not do for us what we can do ourselves. And waste of time mostly is a fatal error to whatever we want to do because delay is deadly. Even the holy spirit is to help and guide, not to do these things for us. Sometimes we feel the holy spirit is silent on some issues, but literarily he has given us a clue or a go ahead on the problem a long time ago but we failed to see it. Why? Probably because it’s not close to what we want or what we’re praying for.

Then I’ll still talk about follow your mind. “Follow your mind” is a good saying if your mind does not align with flesh. Your mind should be aligned with your spirit which comes up with developing emotions. For example, will you pick up a job you don’t enjoy because you feel it’s God leading you? Let me tell you, even God has our interest at heart.. Or will you marry someone you don’t love because you feel she’s the will of God? Trust me you just signed up for frustration! Your emotions have every say in your decision making just put it under check and make sure you are the man of your standards, through the help of the holy spirit and your guided emotions.

Make decisions you will be proud to be held responsible for.



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