So last week I noticed all was not well with my body system, so I took out time to study the changes, used Google and realized I had an infection. My mom got me some drugs to use and after using one of them, I just knew I had to write about bad drugs experiences.


  1. Mist. Pot. Cit. – If I wrote this post before last week, this drug would definitely not be on my list. My mom got me the drug so it could assist in clearing my system and it sure did more than that. Before taking the drug she said it would leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth, thinking she was talking about bitterness, I proceeded to mix the drug with water as directed. Then I took a gulp. The world stopped spinning. I could hear my taste buds cussing me out. I could feel my stomach shouting at the top of its voice “Hello young lady, what did you just feed me?” I screamed out loud and my mom had to tell me to stop before the neighbours think something else was going on. I’m not exaggerating, this drug is horrible. It is tasteless, very horrible, I can’t even describe it. After the first gulp, she told me to not take it again if I couldn’t stand the taste, but I was like “nahhh I can’t waste money like that,” then I took another gulp. Biggest mistake, I puked immediately. I plan to give the drug to all my friends, so if you ever come to my house and I offer you a glass of water, beware!
  2. Flagyl – This used to be at the top of my list. Flagyl is bitter, very bitter. Growing up, I had lots of issues with my bowels so I always had to use drugs. Initially I had no problem with this drug because I’d always take lots of water as soon as it enters my mouth. We had this good relationship going on till one fateful day when I was about to use the drug and my dad was standing beside me. My dad chews his drugs ewwwww I still find it highly disturbing watching him do that. Well that day I believe he was in some sort of bad mood and I innocently asked him to get me a glass of water, and he snapped and told me to chew the drug (is it too late to sue for child abuse please?) I started crying and thinking about when my real parents will come and collect me back. At that moment, I could have sworn I was adopted lmao. He sha gave me the water afterwards, but it was a bit too late. Some 17 years later and I’m not over that incident.
  3. Phenergan – The first time I used this one I was probably in Primary 3 or 4, I can’t remember what I complained of but I can remember my mom giving me while she had a visitor around. She saw the visitor off and I followed her, on our way back, I started crying that I want to die. Loooool. Then I was rolling on the floor on our street and crying about wanting to die, my mom had to carry me home on her back. I don’t remember anything after that. I know I woke up in bed the next morning sha. I’m not even exaggerating, I recall that incident like it happened just yesterday.
  4. Septrin, fansider, amalar and combatrin – Different drugs, different uses, one similar side effect. These drugs always leave a funny feeling abi na taste in my throat. When I swallow anything, even my saliva, there’s always this annoying feeling there and it remains there for about 3 days. Ugh.
  5. Liquid paraffin – Like I mentioned earlier, I had bowel issues while growing up. To be more specific, I was always having constipation. So I took paraffin often since it acts as a laxative. The taste is super bland and irritating. My matron then in school would always force me to use it and I hated her for it then. Thankfully, it was not Mist. Pot. Cit. I had to use under duress.

In spite of these bad experiences, I’m still loyal to #TeamPills. Injections scare the living daylight out of me. The last time I was to take one was in 2014 right after Uni, mom had to call popsy to warn me to put my body down lmaoo. #TeamPills abeg, I can’t shout.



  1. Lol. Nigerian parents are doctors in disguise. They know everything that is wrong with you ? and the drug to use.

    • You know this! My mom is a nurse though, so I get to overdose on drugs sef.

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