Hi! Like I mentioned earlier, I was in Ibadan for the weekend and boyyy was I shooook by the transport fares. No, it wasn’t my first time in Ibadan, but I am always surprised anytime I go there. I took a cab for 20 box, entered keke for 30 naira, and etc. The last time I paid 20 naira for anything transport related in Lagos was in 2007 when I was in SS2, a bike to my house from Ojota b/stop was 20 naira then. I got back to Lagos thinking to myself, “Maybe all my money problems would be solved if I move to Ibadan.” I know that’s the devil talking. Anyway that’s not what I’m here to talk about, I’m here to talk about why fat people should pay for two seats. 


  1. They occupy space for two or more

Isn’t that obvious enough? I sat beside two fat women one time on my way to Minna from Lagos, and that was my worst trip ever. They kept on talking, squeezing and squashing me like what I don’t know. Anytime I made an attempt to adjust, one of them would look at me like I ate her children.

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I think most fat people don’t know that they’re fat because I don’t understand how you’ll inconvenience me and try to bully somebody on top. 1 fat person = 2, 3 or 4 skinny people as the case may be. So I think if your fat is 3 skinny people kind of fat, you should pay for 3 seats. Equality please!

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   2.  For comfort

When fat people sit with skinny ones, both are never really comfortable. Wait, what? Scratch that, fat people are always comfortable, because they will use their fatness to bully, squeeze you and occupy till Jesus comes. So for the comfort of skinny people, they should please pay for two or more seats.

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      3. They have money

Do you people think it is easy to eat and be fat? Fat people have money to buy food and feed themselves properly. If I had the type of money they have, I kuku won’t be here complaining about them, I’ll be the one y’all would be complaining about. Since they have money to eat and be healthy, they can as well pay for the consequences of their eating. Yeah, I said what I said!

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This post may or may not have been inspired by jealousy or envy. By the way, my weight gain is going smoothly, I weigh 62.1kg now. Hallelujah somebody?!!! I can’t wait to get fat and start tensioning all ye skinny people.

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha. I enjoyed reading this. I school at Ibadan and I agree with the transport fare rate… So cool. I never really thought about this equality thing oh! Two of myself equals to a fat person for real! Interesting post!


    • Mims

      Loool. We should probably sign a petition for that. Thanks for reading b.

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