Happy birthday to my wonderful pastor, Pastor Tunde Success Osideko.

I just joined a new church. Okay that’s not exactly true. I’ve been in the church for about 6 months now, but I just started my basic membership class (Word Academy) because I really am not comfortable being in a church and not serving in one capacity or the other. I’ve not yet decided on which unit to join, but I’m sure I’ll make that decision before the end of my classes. At the end of each lecture, we are given assignments. This is one of such assignments.

Question: Describe five characteristics of a reborn human spirit

What Dr. Mima wrote:

To be reborn means to be regenerated and this can be translated as “to be created anew.” As a Christian, being reborn means being born again. There are many attributes that can be related to a reborn human spirit, but I’m just going to dwell on 5

  1. Manifestation of the fruits of the Spirit: One of the major features of being born again is the presence of the Holy Spirit in one’s life. Along with the Holy Spirit comes the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5: 22- 23)
  2. Hunger for the Word: Everyone was created with a space that only God and His knowledge can fill up. Most times we tend to fill the vacuum with temporal things, material gains or false religion, but all these create a façade. So when we become born again, we eat up the Word to quell our hunger and quench our thirst. We have the urge to want to know more of God. Also, we desire spiritual growth and this is achieved through communion with the Father through His Word (1 Pet 2:2, 1 Tim 3:16, 2 Tim 2:15).
  3. Willingness to share the Gospel: Asides the fact that this is The Great Commission (Matt 28: 16-20, Mark 16: 14-18, John 20: 19-23), a true Christian is always excited to share his newly found light. The love in his heart propels him towards sharing (1 Corin 13:6) and he does this without judging people but hating the sin(s) instead (John 3:17, Rom 5:8, 1 Pet 4:8, Prov 10:12).
  4. Obedience: This means willingness to comply with commands, orders or instructions. Sometimes to the world obedience is seen as a sign of weakness, but we as Christians do not live our lives according to the dictates of the world anymore (Rom 12:2, 1 John 4: 5-6, James 4:4). True obedience is not just achieved through our actions and character but it is evident in our thoughts also (2 Corin 10:5, Prov 23:7). As Christians, we are not to obey just God, we to also obey our parents, elders (Col 3:20, Eph 6: 1-3) and the authority (Heb 13:7). Obedience denotes love for the Father (John 14:15, 1 John 5:3, I John 2:5-6, 2 John 1:6). God rewards obedience (Luke 11:28) and disobedience (Num 20: 7-12). A born again Christian has the understanding that obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Sam 15:22), hence, he strives towards perfect obedience (Prov 16:20, Prov 19:16).
  5. Spiritual sensitivity: Once you become born again and the Spirit of the Lord comes upon you, you become sensitive to the things of the Spirit. One of the major features of this is the manifestation of tongues.

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