Themes: Faith versus doubt, heartbreak of betrayal

Found is the third book in the Firstborn Series.

PhotoGrid_1469464604414John and Elizabeth Baxter have no choice but to give up their firstborn son at birth, they go ahead to have five (5) more kids. Elizabeth’s dying wish is to find their firstborn son. Following her death, John goes ahead to make that possible but he encounters few setbacks.

Dayne Matthews, an adopted child of Christian missionaries, becomes a huge Hollywood star. He questions the faith of his adoptive parents, falls in love with Katy Hart, a local Christian girl while filming a movie in Bloomington; the hometown of his birth parents. Katy talks to him about Christ and gives him a bible but just before he decides to proceed with a relationship with her, Kelly Parker, his ex, comes back to announce that she’s pregnant.

Will John Baxter find his son? Will Dayne find Jesus?

Very fascinating book I must say. It contains questions that can be used for individual reflection, discussions with a book club or your study group. According to Karen, you can integrate some of the book’s messages into your life.

This is the only book in the Firstborn Series I’ve read, I’ll make sure I read the others before the end of next month. I hope so!


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