Hi! Last month, I turned twentysomething. Yet again. I was to go check for some books for my friend and I decided to go on my birthday. Turned out they didn’t have the books she wanted, so I decided to feed my eyes and then I saw it. The cover attracted me, then I took a look at the title and I knew I had to cop it. The tagline – from like, to like like , to love in your twenties – was quite apt as we all go through that like like process lol. That stage were you know it’s more than the conventional like but you’re not quite certain it’s love.

Friendlationships gives a biblical insight on dating and is quite relatable. It’s the type of book you read and go, “oh yeah, that’s my story right there.” Jeff carried out surveys which are included in the Appendix, he asked men and women questions about basic dating prerequisites and what they expect in/from relationships. So if you’ve been trying to figure out what a Christian of the opposite sex thinks about love and dating, here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of their mind.




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