Hi! I concluded my service year October 2015 and like almost every other person, I wanted a job. I stayed behind in the state I was posted to and was about clinching a job when my folks started bugging me to come home because it is/was a ‘boko haram’ state. I was stubborn about it initially but my pastor practically bundled me and placed me on a bus to Lagos. I got here and it looked promising, so I went back to pack my stuff and move home finally. About 2 weeks after I got home, I got a call from a school I applied to teach in where I served, but it was rather too late. A day after my birthday (21/02), I got another job, it was a contract job, the pay wasn’t fantastic but I was glad to have a reason to leave home daily. It was on this job I learnt most of the lessons I’m about to share. After this job, I decided to pursue what I’ve always wanted secretly – teaching. I got a job and the pay was miserable, but I continued because I needed the experience. I left after a month because I couldn’t tolerate the attitude of my boss; most of my colleagues were always gloomy and grumbling about how they hated the job and all. Little things like these actually affect people psychologically but we tend to ignore them. Most of the lessons on my list are things I know of already but I became more aware on the job.

  1. Always ask questions – Tbh, everybody was once new and needed to be guided around.
  2. Don’t be too nice and don’t be nasty – Strike a balance.
  3. What is worth doing is worth doing well – My mantra.
  4. Not every boss is going to deserve your respect and honour – Give it anyway.
  5. Know your value and never reduce your price – Never ever.
  6. Dress the way you want to be addressed.
  7. Nothing is free even in Freetown.
  8. If no one asks for your opinion and if the situation doesn’t warrant you giving your opinion, keep it to yourself – No one likes a know-it-all.
  9. If you get to develop a personal relationship with a colleague, leave it outside the office – Office romance can be distracting.
  10. Do not be mistaken, your colleague is your colleague and not your friend – Except some kind of friendship blossoms though.
  11. Ladies, rudeness/attitude is not cute.
  12. Do not involve emotions while doing your job – Basically, don’t be sentimental.
  13. Build yourself up professionally – Take courses, go for trainings, never stop learning.
  14. Take a break.
  15. Do not let anyone treat you like poundo yam, you are pounded yam – I’m serious.

I really hope to get another job by January and hopefully this will be a stepping stone to a great career in learning and development for me. I’m still drawing out my New Year resolutions, so cliché yeah. Happy holidays.


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