This is one of my favourite books everrr. I got it 2012 and since then it has become some sort of ritual for me to read it at least twice a year. Each chapter contains three (3) sections:Girl Talk: A story about a friend. Most times we look at women of faith and think they have it all figured out and have to deal with little or no struggles, but the truth is we all have our mountains that we strive to climb. Sally takes us into the lives of her strong Christian friends, she makes us see their weakness and reveals how they were able to overcome them, thereby allowing us to learn from their experiences and draw from their faith.

God Talk: God is revealed in the story. Sally gives a view of God’s perception of the story.

Walking the Talk: How this truth about God fits into our life. Walking the talk is not easy, and Sally understands this, so she gives well detailed steps on how to go about it.


If you’re struggling with your prayer life, or you feel it’s not at the stage you would like it to be, then I recommend Girl Talk… God Talk.


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