Theme: coming of age, loss of innocence

Born and raised to be a Carmellia in Charleston, Sarah Walters can’t wait to move away and leave the Carmellias behind. She moves to the North and becomes a victim of her choices. Bitsy, Charlotte and Annie, all Carmellias too have their dose of wrong decisions and this leaves us wondering if the Cotillion Training School really lives up to its name. This is a captivating novel about good girls and bad choices.

What I really love about this book is the cover photography which was taken by Cig Harvey. The title and the photography makes you want to classify it as chick lit, but it doesn’t have the characteristic chick lit cover with the fancy fonts and all. The photography is beautiful and it tells a lot about the main character, Sarah Walters.

It sure is an interesting read but I don’t really like the end, but based on the study guide in the book, I’m guessing Katie’s aim is to allow the readers create their own endings.


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