The euros are on going and with the group stages over, the usual suspects qualified for the round of 16 along with some unexpected or should I say new teams. Now before I go on if you haven’t heard the theme song you should, it’s called ‘this one’s for you’ by David Guetta featuring Zara Larsson.It’s so hard for me to pick a team this time around because there are some many different things I love about the different teams even though spain used to be my football country. I just love belgium because of the class of players in their squad although people say they are not really playing as a unit but I think they are getting the hang of it. Austria didn’t qualify for the next round and there is no need to bring them up but can we just acknowledge how cute Alaba looked in this competition, for that reason alone I wanted Austria to go on (I think by now you should have guessed that this is not the typical sports/football analysis *side eyes*).

Moving on, as much as I want to talk about the matches, what we have seen so far from the group stage and also predict who will qualify to the next round. I really want to appreciate the cute footballers that europe has to offer, my goodness there are so many so I wouldn’t bother listing all those names even some coaches are not left out (hi Joachim Low Grace loves you). Then there are those with really cool names like Didier Deschamps (fyi: french pronunciation please do not use yoruba accent abeg) and Vincente del Bosque. Also shout out to Hungary’s goalkeeper who wears joggers lol.

So let’s get to the serious part, my predictions:

Switzerland – I love Embolo as he sorta kinda looks like Pogba

Wales- I love Garret Bale

Croatia – I feel they worked harder to get here while it was just handed to Portugal

France – like? Do I in need a reason, they are the host afterall

Germany – I just love Germany (hi Boateng)

England – for the sake of the EPL

Italy – I have to support Chelsea’s new coach Antonio Conte

Maybe I’m not a very objective sports analyst but I’m still awesome! So Supersports, Grace is loooking for work.


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