You get into a relationship with someone, the feeling is new, you’re so into each other, so in love and it looks like, “Okay, this is the next best thing after hot akara.” As the relationship progresses, it begins to look like your partner is not into it anymore. Funny enough, sometimes it might not get to the relationship level, you guys might be at the talking stage and you just realize this person is not even as invested in this thing as he claims to be. You notice some discrepancies and you’re like, ‘there’s something wrong, let me take a break from this’, that’s the sensible thing to do. But sometimes you notice there’s something wrong and still go ahead with it because you’re trying to make it work. When you realize he doesn’t love you, it’s hard, it’s painful but it makes much sense to walk away, just walk away, just leave, tell yourself you’re gonna move on from this and be happy with your life.walk away.jpgMost times, you won’t know until you’re in the relationship and by then there’s little you can do, you can’t force someone to love you, you can’t make it happen; the person either loves you or not. The relationship may be over and you’re having an evaluation of things and you realize – he never loved me. I think that hurts a lot because it just makes you feel like the relationship was built on lies, like the foundation wasn’t even strong. And I don’t think there’s much you can do since the relationship is over.

There are always signs when someone doesn’t love you, you’re either too blind to see them or too in love to be concerned about them. Now let me attach a disclaimer, someone might actually be in love with you and still display these signs and this is probably just how the person is.

  1. He doesn’t show interest in your interests – You meet someone and you guys start vibing you talk about a lot of things but you realize you guys just talk about mundane stuff, you don’t go deep. Then you’re probably like, “Okay I want to know this person more, I want to be more open with this person” and then you open up to him and he’s just like bleh, like you both are not feeling it. He doesn’t care about your hobbies, likes, dislikes, he doesn’t know anything about your goals – career and family wise.
  2. He is never there for youlike never ever. You’re going through a hard time, you’re passing through a tough time and you want to talk to your special someone and this person says, “Oh yeah, I’d love to talk to you, I’d love to listen but my mother’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s dog died and I need to be there for her.” Run like a mad chicken is chasing you.
  3. He never sticks around when the challenges arise – In relationships, there’ll definitely be challenges. When the obstacles come, this person jumps out through the nearest window. He never says, “Oh let me stick with you, let’s try to overcome this.” There is no together, we or us in this person’s dictionary. Just me, me, myself, me, me, I, and me.

I feel like we deserve better than that. When it comes to this love of a thing, I feel like people always find love, like if you look around you will see many happy couples, so why on earth would you choose to settle with what is available at the moment? Why? You need someone that is into you, someone crazy about you, someone who thinks the world revolves around you – that is what you deserve. Here’s the interesting thing, for every one guy that treats you like crap, there are 5 guys waiting to love the crap out of you. You’ll definitely meet someone else (as long as you’re open-minded tho); you don’t have to keep waiting for unrequited love.

You might have broken up with someone and you’re probably evaluating the relationship and you realize he never loved you. You should thank your God you’re out of the damned relationship and be like, “Okay, good riddance, boy bye.” Then you make sure you’re certain of your partner’s intent to an extent next time.

So till next time when I’ll be talking about the top 5 scum guys I met this year, byee.

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