Going through the news for the past two weeks, one specific topic keeps jumping at me and well, not writing on or about it would be a real shame. It is sad to imagine in this present age and stage in evolution that we have women who have failed and are still failing to

stand up for themselves and say ‘NO’ to domestic abuse.
Before I continue to write on this I would very much like to explain why I chose to name this article ‘His, Mine And Hers’. I once saw in a movie (Bollywood, so obviously can’t remember the title) where a man made a statement that goes like this, “a man would bow to three things in his life: his God, his mother and his wife.” I choose to believe this is true. His God who you can’t obviously win his attention from, that would just be ridiculous, his mother who if you try to fight, you would loose the battle shamefully and his wife, which you want to be. But I won’t be talking about his mother here. We all know that is every woman’s dream. Why fight it, because someday you will be a mother and you don’t want some bimbo fighting with you for your son’s attention. No, we would be talking about, His (God), Mine (wife) and Hers (all other things you have to fight your husband for).
As we were saying, now most women feel trapped when in a relationship with someone that hurts you or does not love you anymore. Well sister, pack your load and go. I know divorce is not a Christ supported thing, but if you read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, it explains what love is and God said love your neighbor as yourself and anyone who does not love, is not of God and God also says we should do away with anything that is not of God. So my beloved sister run before you won’t be able to anymore.
Now, if a man is truly yours, he would not lay his hands on you. But the day he does and you defend his action is the day you accept him beating or mistreating you. No one cherishes something and breaks it. If he does break it, he is no longer yours. I saw a Tyler Perry’s movie where the man had been beating his wife and one day she took control, poured oil on the bathroom floor while he had his bath and waited for him to step out and slip, then she showed him who’s boss (whipping him with leather belt). Biko, I am not saying you should do this, your husband might surprise you and be wearing hard gripped slippers. But what I am saying is society will not criticize you for leaving a wife beater, instead it might praise for showing other women the way. Men back in the days would get pissed and marry another wife but not these days, instead they beat on their wives, do not be deceived by what your father was to your mum, that was in the past.
Now hers, the minute you have to fight for your spouse’s attention against things like women, drinking, friends, partying, drugs etc., that is the minute you should stop and think of yourself. A man shall leave his mother and all other things to marry a woman not a woman shall fight against all other things for her man. Wake up, you not having a man doesn’t mean you are incomplete. The ratio of man to woman presently is almost 1:3, so it’s impossible for every woman to be married to a man. Stop fighting and start living. Life is too short. Adopt a child, God knows we need more people to adopt these beautiful orphans. Party with your friends, drink, laugh and just live. Because if soldiers too have to rest, then why fight all your life?!!



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