Hello, if you missed the first post, you can read it here.
Yes, I met Jesus and I made the same mistakes many converts make, I tried to please God with my works, forgetting that my righteousness is like a filthy rag before him lol. I fell like a pack of cards, I crashed like the naira, I became worse, I lost my moral compass.

wp-1466358513233.jpgI still loved God and yearned for him, but I had not learnt that his strength is made perfect in my weakness, I had not realised that my confidence should come from who I am in Christ Jesus, so I kept on trying to get my self-esteem from the wrong sources. And the problem with getting your self-esteem from the wrong source is that you’ll never be satisfied. If you get your confidence from your appearance, what will happen on days you don’t look too good? I know people that once you point out a little flaw in their hair/clothes/ make up, they just zone out and worry about how they look, they don’t act themselves throughout that day.
Well, this went on till I started my IT, there I met two people that greatly influenced me (Blessing and Korede), at  this point I was just coming out of a bad situationship and I was wrecked, they helped me draw back to God and I made a personal and conscious decision to deal with the LSE, I read several books and listened to many messages. I made a conscious effort to always remember who I am (yea, am, present continuous lol) in Christ, I made friends that shared my faith and I began to see changes.
It wasn’t sudden, it took time, but finally I began to see myself as a new creature, I realised that there’s no condemnation to all who are in Christ, I saw that God had prepared a place for me and all I needed to do was just heed to his call, and boom I was free from the clutches of LSE.
At some point, I began to have superiority complex and I began to work against it and pray to God to work on my heart. I’m not a perfect Christian lady, I still fall sometimes but now when I fall, I don’t condemn myself or remain on the ground anymore, instead I find strength in God and rise and soar higher and higher.
The main thing is to never compare yourself to anyone, you’re unique. You can try to be like others but you’ll find little or no fulfillment in that.



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