Yes, I don’t want to be. You like being self-employed? Fine. Do you and let me do me. It’s so annoying when you complain to someone about your job or your bosses and the next thing the person thinks of saying is “That’s why you should be self-employed” or what about when you go to these online forums and you write about how difficult it is for a 2.1 or 2.2 or an OND degree holder to get a job, and one oversabi snail farmer jumps in and writes “I don’t understand why Nigerian youths want to work for people. Be self-employed.” Okay sir, nobody asked you. Please shut up and sit down.


I don’t want to be self-employed, yes I want to run my own business but still, I want to work in an organization. Nothing gives me joy as much as being part of a team and working towards a common goal, I like to see a problem and think of different ways to solve it, I like being given deadlines, I enjoy working under pressure. Yes, I like waking up 5 am to prepare for work, I might get home by 9 pm and complain about the traffic and stress, but still I am fulfilled. Oh no! She didn’t just say working for someone else gives her fulfilment, oh no she didn’t! Oh yes, she did!

Who says I can’t do my 9-5 and still run my side business? What’s stopping me from doing that? You? Who? Nobody. The truth is 80% of youths that are self-employed are doing it out of laziness and wrong orientation. The I-don’t-want-to-work-for-anyone mentality is actually what makes most of you go into it, although I understand that the economy is bad at the moment and there are not much jobs out there so it’s better to run your business and all. Yup, I get it. But can’t you people diversify? I’m certain there are over 100, 000 MUAs in this Lagos alone. If it is not MUA, it is caterer or bead maker or wig maker or tailor, oh sorry, fashion designer. I am not in any way trying to run down anybody’s hustle, all I am saying is DIVERSIFY.
There are a 1001 things that can be done, 1001 areas that can be delved into. But then, you’re not entrepreneurs, you’re just self-employed. Oops.

So please next time I complain to you, kindly say “E go better” “It is well” and unless you are going to add “Take this #250, 000” don’t you dare tell me “Start your own business.”





  1. agbongbon-bakare oluwaseun

    the tone of this write-up tho!!

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