Disclaimer – I don’t have a car because I can’t afford it. The others? Double check. Oh wait, someone pays for my Netflix. 

On Wednesday I went out during my lunch break and then my boss called me to help him get something. I took a cab to Awolowo Road, Ikoyi and my mission was to go from shop to shop to look for it. I got to the first shop, they didn’t have it then I got back to the car and found my driver tinkering with the car; it was refusing to come on. I told him to end the trip, then I started walking from shop to shop, crossing the road left, right and centre. At the end of my waka, I didn’t find the stuff, so I told my colleague to help me get a cab. While waiting for the cabman, a guy approached me and asked me why I was walking around. That statement infuriated me because it came across as rude, I told him off and called my boss to give him feedback. Anyway, I talked to the guy eventually and when my cabman came, I gave the guy my number.

We got talking and I was open as usual, being nice and all of that. He asked some questions which I felt were too direct and personal and I deflected them. I asked about his schooling, where he lives and other basic stuff. By Thursday, I was a bit open and free with him. He told me he works with an engineering firm and on IG I saw “IT Solutions Expert” so I asked where he works and he repeated the same thing. Then he said he lives in Anthony, the next day he said Jakande and gave a watery explanation. At this point, I already felt he wasn’t being straightforward enough and he had an agenda. I asked if he had a car or if his car was with the mechanic (typical Lagos boy lie), he said his car was really with the mechanic. I didn’t care tho, I just asked for conversation sake.

Long story short, I agreed to hang out with him this evening but then I reconsidered and the way he was acting a bit “chokey chokey” was annoying so I called it off. Next thing the guy goes off, says he lied about where he works, that he works with blah blah and he’s the blah blah manager blah blah, he drives a Benz. I was like I don’t care and I’m not impressed because really it’s not my business. I just told him that he shouldn’t have lied in this first place and then I called him a fuckboy (Sorry, not sorry). Let me just copy and paste what he sent for you people to see

[11:53, 1/12/2018] H: yups! you are after money! . Thats why u kept asking me silly questions if i have a car , what i do and all sort of . I thought you were different. But same thing bloke slay queen. have a nice life and looking for Mr rich. (Lmaoo this made me laugh ehn)
[11:53, 1/12/2018] H: I wil now block your broke ass! (I kuku always tell people I’m broke, at least now someone believes me)
[11:54, 1/12/2018] H: and hey! get a new weave that one was too twisty and tangled! invest in good weaves (keeping in mind that I had a braided wig on)
[11:54, 1/12/2018] H: Also get a proper foundation, its so off your face colour al thos your spot on your face eww. get Mkay foundation . ist not that expensive (I don’t have spots on my face and my foundation is more expensive than Mary Kay)
[11:54, 1/12/2018] H: have a nice day!

I didn’t insult him back, I just figured he had met babes that had taken advantage of him in the past and he was just insecure or rather just looking out for himself. He blocked me, so I called him and cleared him. I told him to never stain my name and blah blah, he tried explaining things to me but I can never be friends with such a person. I think he unblocked me now but that’s it.

I was called a gold-digger and now I’m ready to start digging. Hide your daddies people!


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    I like your blog and the stories you post,they’re really relatable…..Nice

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