There is this funny story I want to share with you guys. Now this did not happen to me personally but I have to tell it because I can relate well. Not really because I’ve not been in such a situation before, but when the girl was telling her story I could feel her pain. The girl or lady in question went for an interview in a school just because she was tired of sitting at home and she thought to herself “it is better than nothing.” She studied accounting and the school was in need of an accountant.


According to her, she got to the school at the stated time and she was told to wait. She was delayed for close to 3 hours with no explanation whatsoever (the things job seekers go through ehn *na wa*). When she was eventually interviewed, the principal of the school started the story of how the school was a small school and she would have to teach two subjects in addition to being the school accountant. She was perplexed (well I imagined she was from the way she narrated the story), for crying out loud this was not told to her prior to the interview.


This is just how employers take advantage of job seekers in a manner so sneaky and deceitful. She was willing to accept these conditions thinking that means she’ll get paid more. Time to talk about the pay and the principal mentioned a really silly amount I think 20,000 naira or thereabout (I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact amount). She was so shocked and to think that she cancelled an appointment for that interview. She was delayed and then to crown it all she was insulted with the pay.

Some of the ordeals job seekers go through just to find employment are just annoying, frustrating and downright ridiculous but hopefully when that great job finally comes all these experiences will be memories that you can laugh about.



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