My all-time favourite sitcom has to be The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper gives me life and Penny? Love me some Penny!!! There’s this scene that has Sheldon, Howard and Raj singing and playing instruments, then Penny barges in and tells them to reduce the noise. Howards tells her they’re trying to find their sound and she says, “You found it, it’s the sound of a cat being run over by a lawn mower.” At that moment it hits me, yes, finally, I’ve found the perfect description of my far-from-perfect voice.

My senior secondary and university days were filled with hymns. I love hymns, but I’d never sing along, I was always lip-syncing. I felt my voice wasn’t good enough to be heard, even to sing in church sef na problem. My lips go just dey move, but you no go hear pim! It’s funny how I’d sing at home in the privacy of my room with my clothes and books as my audience, and go out and start acting like I don’t know any of the songs being sung. When I started growing spiritually, I realized I loved praying and singing worship songs. Still it was a struggle to let go of my “my voice is bad” syndrome and truly worship in church. Sometimes I’d get carried away and lose myself in worship, then suddenly, I’ll get conscious of that voice and “maintain” composure.

I look back at those times and laugh at my silliness. God kuku gave me this voice and he knew I’d sing to him, kanipe he was bothered about the quality of my voice shebi he’d have kukuma made me dumb. Yup, so he’d not have to listen to me, but naahhhhh, he didn’t. God isn’t looking for outright perfection, I believe a contrite heart is enough to begin with. What I’ve come to learn is, it’s not about the voice, it’s about the state of the heart. Now I sing and sing and shout on top sef especially when Travis Greene’s made a way is being sung. I allow myself get lost in worship and I release my spirit, I become ignorant of my surroundings and most times, I close my eyes for better concentration.

A melodious voice is sweetening to the ears, but it’s more than the voice.


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