So I am just here thinking “after submitting CVs to different people and places, why haven’t I gotten any feedback?” I am not even talking about those companies that don’t send an email back saying they have received your CV even if it is sending
an email saying we regret to inform that blah blah blah. I am talking about people who will call you to send your CV but then nothing happens thereafter. I actually believe some of these people mean well but most of them do not care or even try. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if I saw my CV with a gururu seller. If you cannot help me, why lie? Why raise my hopes up? You don’t owe me anything so you can just come clean!

Let’s look at this scenario; my aunt gave my CV to a church member (I had no idea). So this church member came to the house and asked for my aunt, she wasn’t home so he asked for her number because he needed sunday school manual urgently. I gave him the number but the call didn’t go through but luckily he met her on his way out and they spoke on the staircase. My aunt came in, told me that she gave my CV to him and said she was happy when she saw him because she thought he brought good news. Now listen to this (or read this lol), the guy told my aunt that they held an interview last week and he tried calling her but it did not go through. Hmmmm this doesn’t add up, which number did this uncle try? Is it the same number he just collected from me? Liar liar pants on fire, ok ok let’s assume he did call her and he couldn’t get through, my contact address is on my CV, why didn’t he call me? Why didn’t he send an email? No need to lie, just simply say your company is not recruiting at the moment or I didn’t qualify to be interviewed. It would have been enough o, abi will I beat you?  hmmmm God is watching o.

My point is I know a lot of people get pressured to collect CVs daily, help if you can and if you cannot please say so because you owe them nothing. Trust me it is better than lying and making them anticipate. Lastly, to that uncle that lied, change your ways because no matter how many sunday school manuals you read all liars will still go to hell (superfluous? I know but I just had to add it *tongue out*)



  1. Tella blessing

    Oh Mima! Oh Mima! Your blog is fantastic, interesting write ups. Truth about Job Hunt Struggle. Lol

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