I’m going to complain about this Lagos rain, right now we are even in a love-hate relationship. I know last month I was happy about it, but please rain come and be going. I totally hate the flooded roads and the puddles and the way it rains without prior notice. As a lady without an umbrella, unexpected rain isn’t my favourite thing. Why don’t I have an umbrella sef? Oh yh, I forgot to buy one during dry season and now the prices are exorbitant, so I’ll just wait till another dry season before I get one. I know I know, I’m just somehow, don’t mention.

Still I love the rain, I love the smell of the rain. I love the way the grasses look so green after it rains. I love the way the sun shines when it’s gonna rain. I love the way the sun shines after a heavy rain, it gives me the assurance that no matter what I go through, there will be a breakthrough.
Well I didn’t get to read much this month on my theme for the month, my theme was personal effectiveness. I chose this because I noticed a negative change in that aspect of my life, I’m not 100% there now tho, but I’m about 71.83% there. That’s a pass mark!
And yh! My brother got married this month, my baby is all grown up. Happy married life Joseph and Temitope?

1. Beyond beauty matte lip stain: I’m not really a big fan of beauty products seeing as I’d rather use my money to buy food and books, but I’m crazy about lipsticks, I try different colours each day, and I keep buying lipsticks regularly. I saw a video on IG and decided to look for a colour similar to that, and I saw the BB lipstain, it was love at first sight. Well Grace bullied me and bought it and it was the last one remaining, so I settled for the lipstick. Then about 3 weeks ago, I went to the market with Bukky and I just decided to price some make up stuff and lo and behold I saw the BB lipstain. I could feel the butterflies in my tummy, and my adrenaline rate surging, so I cupped one immediately. I love the way it feels on the lips and it’s long lasting. One time when I used it, I tried cleaning it after work to apply something milder, but mahn, the lippy is too loyal. I used tissue, e no gree comot, I even added water to the tissue, still traces of it was still there, so I just decided to put lipgloss on it. Why the long story? Beyond beauty matte lipstain colour 42 is the truth. Go get yours nowwwww

2. Eat that frog – Brian Tracy: This book has been in  my possession since 2014, but I kept on postponing reading it. I remember Moyo giving me the book and saying “it’s for Toke ooo, read it fast and return it ooo.” Wanna know the irony? The book is a guide on how to stop procrastination. Loool. It’s an easy and practical read. In this ever busy world of ours where 24 hours is barely enough to complete our tasks, this book provides tested and trusted solutions on time management and personal development.

3. Philippians 1:6 – “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”
I love this  verse, I so much love this verse. It gives me hope when I’m down and reminds me of my glorious future when I’m gloomy. Now I know that once I invite Jesus into anything I do, the Holy Spirit comes too and provides me with wisdom and knowledge to excel.

Happy new month ☺☺☺


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